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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Joining the Big Leagues!

The newest Silkies, d'uccles and Sebrights explore.
This years babies, hatched on May 18, joined the big girls in their pen on Wednesday.  I put the pullets in one of the coop halves and the roosters in the pen. The older roosters came out and went into the dog kennel pen. I was afraid they would hurt my little, sweet boys.
The older girls were very apprehensive as the new guys and gals explored. They watched from the sidelines...

Ares isn't all that happy about his new pen.

The broody and her babies also joined the flock.
" This is freedom. Enjoy it, my son." she tells her growing Cockerel.

How could you?! This is our house.

"Mom, what is this?"

" It's so scary out there!"

" Woah, WOAH, WOAAAH!"

Cheers, Quinn A.A

P.S. I invite you to post captions for some of the photos- whatever you think would be funny/ fitting. Just comment. :)

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