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Friday, August 5, 2011

First Post

Hello everyone, I am Quinn, posting for the first time on my first blog!
This blog is going to be about my farm, animals, and riding. I love riding.... I can't find words to explain it. I also like crafting (although I tend to get distracted, then come back to a craft later), writing (in private) and exercising.
I live on an 18 and a half acre farm in Pennsylvania- its beautiful! In this wonderful place we have chickens, Dogs, cats, horses and fish. So I will try to update often. You are going to notice me talking about Molly Rosin a lot. She is my role model/hero. Whatever you call it :) ! She is an eventer, an amazing one at that. Her understanding of horses awes me... hopefully one day I will  have that understanding. Another person I will talk about is Andrea, but I will call her Andy on here. She is an amazing, kind person, and she works hard. Currently she is living in a cottage on the property, so I get to see her often.
And then there is my mother: A horse vet. She is so kind, and always makes the right choice for the horse. She loves her work, although it is hard with long hour.
Thats all for now! Cheers -- Quinn A.A.

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