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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oliver: The Hundred Mile Cat

I thought I might do profiles on everyone, starting with Oliver!

Oliver has been with us since he was 4 weeks old, and he will be turning 2 this month. There is a very interesting story behind how we got him..........

One day, in September two years ago, the night I had a school dance, as it happens, my mother was doing vet work at a farm when she heard a kitten meowing. She searched for a bit, but didn't find anything. I went to the dance, and she went to get gas. When she got there, she heard a kitten meowing, so she searched the trash can's there for an abandoned kitten. Still, no luck. So she searched the inside of the truck, and didn't find anything.

An hour later, I was picked up from my dance, and my mom told me about the meowing. I heard it too, a few times, as we drove. We stopped to grab some food, and I peeked under the back of the car. There he was, sitting on the spare tire, obviously very scared of people. We didn't want him bolting across the road, so I tried, and failed, to get him out of the car when we returned home. We put the tire down, and set down cat food and water to entice him down. In the morning the food and water was gone, and the tire was put back up, with us thinking that was that. Wrong!

The next day, as my mom told this story to someone, they replied " An orange kitten? Like the one I saw in the parking lot this morning?" I was called in to search, but I couldn't find him, to my despair. To we went to an event, got groceries, etc, until we got a call from my mother's vet technician, Fenneka. It turns out she had found him hiding in the front of her truck, perched so that falling would mean death! She caught him for us, and I took him home and gave him a little milk, water and food, as he hadn't had any for about 36 hours, and had driven about 100 miles. The next day we gave him a bath, and he purred the whole time. He also really liked spending time in between my shirt and sweater, so much that I took him to a party like that. He enjoyed the party. :) .

Now, at almost two years old, he is very sweet, and I am his favorite person. He hasn't ventured into any more car engines or tires, as we feared. He is not trusting, and is especially scared of tall men, especially when they are wearing boots. Approach him quietly though, and he may stick around and let you pet him. He has a soft, kitten-like coat of a light ginger orange color, and he was lucky to grow up with a 6 month older kitten, who unfortuanately was caught by either a fox or a coyote we saw around the same time as he dissapeared last summer.

That's all for today!
Cheers, Quinn A.A

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