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Monday, August 29, 2011

We Survived!

Yep, I am indeed alive. As are all of the animals!
Actually, there was very little damage. We had a BIG tree fall in the field, lots of branches down too. The river also flooded....  Big time. Our field was like a big lake... which peaked in size at 6 A.M on Sunday and quickly receded. By the afternoon we only had a small lake left in our field, and the river looked mostly normal. Our basement flooded, but no damage was done. We had power returned yesterday afternoon, but the pump  is messed up so.... no water. We also do not have internet.... I guess Sprint's satellites are messed up. Oh well....
Thanks to all for the support, and best of luck to those recovering from  greater damage from Irene!

My computeer is resisting uploading of the flood pictures, so no go there.

That's all!
-- Quinn A.A.

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