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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Storms, Cyclones and Hurricanes - Oh My!

I can't say I am excited for Irene. She is predicted to reach us Sunday afternoon. My area is in the high risk zone. We are predicted to get up to 70mph sustained winds, with gusts of up to 110mph. It is predicted to be a tropical cyclone type thing. The bad thing is, we live right near a river. As in, it borders our property. And that river fills fast, even with normal storms. Are you excited yet? Because I am not. We already are having a huge rainstorm today, with blowing winds, thunder and lightning. We had to go rescue the horses from the fields, and the chickens refuse to go inside.

I am preparing for the worst by filling water containers, cleaning coops and areas where animals stay so they are ready for for creatures to live in them through any storm/cyclone. I cleaned the fish tank so they would have clean water for the weekend. :)

Good luck to everyone who is supposed to get it worse... especially S.C.

Good Luck to all! -Quinn


  1. Hope Irene didn't hit you too hard and you , the family and all your animals are doing ok. Love your blog..............Would love to get some Silky hens and a friendly roo, but hubby don't want to drive so far :-( Hug from PA

  2. OMGoodness, I hope you're all okay! ):