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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Busy Week

It's been a very busy week!

On Tuesday we drove up to New Jersey to school at the Horse Park of New Jersey - Andrew, Shadney, Maddie, Molly, Hannah and I.
Google enjoying the afternoon sun.
And it rained, no, It poured. But we rode anyway, and got soaked. It wasn't all that much fun, but it was a very good experience for me, mostly because I had never ridden Google in the rain, or on slippery ground. He is green, and was unsure of the ground. It was a lot of work to get him around, but I did it. All of us were wet at the end of it, but I think we were all happy, or at least satisfied with the experience. It did stop raining after the first two sets went out.

Hannah's Anna wasn't sure she wanted her picure!

A metal horse at one of the galleries.
On Friday, Molly, her mother, Bryce and Hannah came over for dinner. My mom's friend, Pat Maykuth, who was staying with us for the weekend, was also there. The food was good, and most of it made from the vegetables in our garden, or from local gardens/ orchards. The talk was even better; we were an interesting group who had many things teado discuss.

On Saturday, Pat, My Mom, and I headed up to Saratoga while the barn crew headed to Waredaca for a rainy show weekend.
Saratoga was loads of fun- we stayed in a nice bed and breakfast, and walked around Saturday night. We stopped at a few art galleries, where I saw some really nice artwork. The Fasig-Tipton Yearling sale was on at the track, so we stopped there and watched a few horses get sold. That was very cool. Then dinner - a delicious cheese plate, from which I liked a soft cheese the most, and then 3 small, perfect Gnochhi. Yum, Yum, Yum. We walked back to our lodgings to collapse into bed.

The next morning I slept in, then had breakfast. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwiches are a  great way to start your day. My mom went off for a Jockey Club meeting, and I visited the racing museum. I highly recommend it- great exhibits!

Our view of the finish line- WOW!
At Noon we were off to the races for the afternoon, and we started out with a success. Michael Matz's filly, Welcome Dance, broke her Maiden in her first ever race! The afternoon continued and anded well, and then we were off for home. It was a late night, but lot's of fun.

Veggies from our garden- a HUGE zuchinni, etc.

Yesterday I collected some vegetables from our beautiful garden! MMmmmm, Zuchinni, Cucumber, and tomatoes. Strawberry season is over, but earlier in the year we got lot's of those.

Tomatoe hornworm- with a few unfriendly followers.

Yes, Maddie and I know we are silly!

Thats all for Now!
Cheers -- Quinn A.A.

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