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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eventing: A Sport Where You Can Always Improve

I love this about Eventing. There is always something to work on.

This weekend, at  Loch Moy, I needed to work on everything a little bit.
That said, I was still happy with Google.

The dressage judges this weekend were tough: they hammered everyone for the littlest things and gave people worse scores than they deserved. Google was definitely a little tense and nervous for whatever reason today, but I think we probably deserved a 39. What did we end up with? A 42.2-- L. Oh well.

Show-jump was great, but I have a bad habit of occasionally jumping ahead of him. This resulted in a sole rail, but was happy with the way he was jumping up out of his canter.

And then cross-country. He was jumping great, and we headed on course. Over one, then on to two…. But not over it. Jump two was a scary jump right before a treeline. Horses just don’t like it. He ran out to the left, but went over it the second time. The rest of my course was good, and solid. Molly said I now get in good position before the fences, but need to hold his pace when we get closer to the jump.

We ended up in 12th or something, out of about 24. Doesn’t matter.


-         There are always things to work on.
-         Try, try again.
-         Don’t be disappointed- especially if you improved something.
-         Be happy with what you accomplished.
-         It’s better to make mistakes at lower levels, and learn and improve from them now instead of at a higher level, such as intermediate, where it could result in a dangerous fall.


-         canter transitions
-         calming him down
-         halts
-         geometry of my shapes.


-         Riding him forward to my hand- I did that most of the time today, and he jumps well.
-         Don’t jump ahead of him!

Cross Country

-         Sit down and ride him forward.
-         Prepare him before the jump.
-         Give him a tap with the crop before every jump!

I hope everyone enjoys reading my blog- feel free to comment.
I also hope you learn things from it. J

Cheers! – Quinn A.A

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