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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fox- Hunting: A sport of Hounds and Horses

^ Well, I can't really say much more than that....
I have actually only been fox-hunting a few times, but have always enjoyed it. I plan to go more often and take Google so he gets more good experiences in his head.

Fox-hunting originated in the United Kingdom, but is practiced all over the world including in Russia, Australia,Canada, Ireland and many other countries.

In this sport trained hounds are used to scent out foxes, and give chase. The hounds have amazing voices- I love the sound of their baying. The Master of the Foxhounds takes care of the hunt- he manages it, often owns the hounds, spends the cap money, and often is the largest financial contributor to the hunt. They have the final say over everything in the hunt.

The Kennelsman looks after the hounds, and makes sure everything is done before and after hunts return.

The Huntsman directs the hounds during the hunt, and often carries a horn to communicate to the followers, Whippers-in, and hounds. The Huntsman may also be the Kennelsman.

Whippers-in are the Huntman's assistants. They carry large whips and control  the hounds, keeping them from straying or hunting other animals.
In the U.S.A foxes are rarely killed, mostly chased for sport. Sometimes the foxes seem to enjoy the sport, leading the hounds and riders on long, twisting chases. When the fox goes to ground it is usually left alone.

For large hunts, The attire is very formal, with scarlet coats, tall boots, and certain colored breeches. However, for smaller hunts, like the one near me, It tends to be more relaxed, allowing simple breeches and polo shirts. Attire deviates depending on the hunt.

Fox-hunting can be formal, or relaxed. It can be slow and easy, or fast and aggresive. It really depends on the area. I highly suggest you try it at least once, and find a hunt suitable to you. I think you will enjoy it.

P.S- I know I don't blog often enough, but I hope that when I do you find it interesting and worthwhile to read. I will be trying to do more educational posts, like the above, rather than ME ME ME! Lol. Oh, and feel free to comment. I don't bite. Most of the time....

Cheers! -- Quinn A.A.

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