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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Plantation= Little Elation

Wow, that is kind of a depressing title. Hmmm.
This weekend (and Friday) was Plantation Field Horse Trials.  For me, Plantation officially started Thurday night when a party of 4 eventers rolled in to spend the weekende in our home.  They also brought 2 dogs and 4 vehicles, bringing our numbers to this:
10 people- 4 eventers in various rooms, 2 riders on 3rd floor, and Andie and Brian in the cottage.
7 dogs- Zippy and Dooky with the eventers, Scruffy on the third floor, Sammy and Beau in the cottage and of course, our dogs, Rosie and Sim. Hmmm.
Our broken car in the garage, plus our other car and truck. 4 vehicles for the eventers, 1 for 3rd floor, and 2 for the cottage= 10 vehicles.
It was a wee bit crowded. ( I dont ever remember saying wee is RL...)
On Friday I rushed after school to Plantation, arriving in time to see Sprite's slightly nervous dressage test. It wasnt her best test,but it wasn't her worst either. She was competing at Preliminary level, By the way. Two hours later was SJ, again slightly nervous and she ticked one of the rails. Molly did a fantastic job riding her.
Sprite warming up for XC- she is actually jumping a jump beside the one you see. :P
On Saturday she prepared for the very large, very hard cross-country course. There had already been several falls at a coffin, and I was nervous. I think Molly was too. Sprite began her cross country course beautifully, jumping each jump enthusiastically and forward, with her usual high kick. Then they reached number 10, the coffin. Sprite jumped in extra big and kicked up. Unfortuanately the steep hill caused her to flip over and do almost a 390 flip. She fell onto her nose, then jumped up and galloped through some Roses and Trees.
Molly and her were both fine, except slightly rattled and bearing a few scratches.
I am dissapointed, but I know it was an honest, green mistake. Sprite didn't know that jumping in that big would cause her to flip. Next time she won't do it.

Molly also rode Sabrina, who had a gorgeous dressage test ( a 29!!! ), but had some trouble with the jump. She did go out and do the coffin on Sabrina, and I think that made her feel much better. :)

That about sums it up. Thanks to my entire two followers.. LOL.

Google this morning.
Cheers! -- Quinn A.A.

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