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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunday at Seneca!

First off, I should apologize for this being waaaay late. Too bad.

Sunday was an a reconized event at Seneca and....

WOAH! We had a BUSY day! Ten horses came: Mr.Nunn and Red Horse Harry, Jenn Nunn and Maiden, Hannah Metz and Anna, Bryce Kinnamon and Toulousse, Maddie and Zia Zavata, Me and Google, and Molly with: Delaware Love Doctor, Alpine, Kynymont Sterling O’ Grady, and Kynynmont’s Cody.

The first trailer left at 5:30 A.M for our 2 and a half hour journey, and the second left at 7.

Maddie says peace out...
Google had a really good dressage test, except I messed up and did an extra circle. I thought he deserved a better score than the 43 the judge gave him. L . Our show-jump was good, although we had an unlucky rail on a big, red oxer. I hate the color red. He went pretty good on Cross Country, but we were unfortuanately eliminated due to me jumping the wrong jump. L

Hannah and Anna did REALLY well! They had a nice dressage test, and double clean Cross Country and Show-Jump rounds. CONGRATULATIONS!

Jenn had a really nice dressage test! J

Mr. Nunn took Red Horse through his first event, and Harry enjoyed the experience.

Bryce had a great dressage test (34), clear Show Jump and a coupla time faults cross-country, but a smooth round! Good job finishing your first recognized!

Maddie and Zia:
YAY! Baby Zia, at only 4 years old, rocked the intro division. She had a good dressage test, double clear Stadium, and went too fast Cross-country! But it was too fast in a good way- she had a nice, collected hand-gallop going for her there.

Delaware Love Doctor placed 4th in the beginner novice division for his very first event! He was very good.
Grady got 1st! Yay! He was really good. Such a man. J
Alpine was very good- calm dressage, great show-jump. She had a few green moments on cross-country, but that’s ok.
Cody was good too, but also had a few green moments.

I am so proud of everyone! It was a great weekend.

That’s all for today!
Cheers! – Quinn A.A

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