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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tournament At Ligonier!

On Friday,around noon, we headed to Ligonier. Ligonier is in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. The reason: A Tournament. Our bus had the Boys Varsity Soccer Team and the Girl's Varsity Field Hockey Team. 6 hours later ( an hour later than it was supposed to be...) we arrived at Ligonier,unloaded our stuff, met our hosts and ate a big dinner provided by the school. I really lucked out: I had a fantastic host family and a great buddy. The next morning we headed back to the school, and the games began. Our first game, against a team called Aquina (?) was good, although VERY muddy. The field was in the middle of a few hills, and it had been raining a lot. I feel like this game was a good warm up, and we crushed them 5-0! Our second game, right after the first, was against a pretty good team. Still, we played well and ended up with a 3-0 score. :) Then we had lunch ( they had yummy cookies...) and we had our last game with the home team, Valley School. This was definetely our hardest game, and was a tough win. We ended up with a 2-0 score with them, and they managed to shoot on our goalie once, a feat none of the other teams managed.
I think It was great that our team finally managed to figure out how to work the ball around the field and work together, especially after tieing our first two games. I am hopeful that we may continue last year's legacy of an undefeated season. So far, so good. :) Well, thats it!

Cheers! -- Quinn

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