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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fred: The Grumpy Old Man

Sir Frederick is our oldest animal on the farm at a whopping 40 years old! He thinks that this gives him the right to be as grumpy as he wants. I disagree, but he doesn't care. In fact, he doesn't care about much except food and his friend Silver. I guess that's what happpens when you get old.....

Fred is a shetland pony gelding, who was originally black. Well, he has turned brown on his body and gray on his face. He was originally a stud pony in Canada, and then at some point he did some pony carting. Then my mom aquired him for my brother, John, to learn to ride on. He was the first pony I and a few others ever rode on. He is sweet, but he knows what he wants, and will be completely stubborn until he gets it.

Fred is nearly blind and deaf, and his teeth are worn down to nubs, but he is still doing alright. His thick furry coat insulates him from all weather, and so in the winter he is allowed to roam free on our lawn to eat the softer, greener grass. This incites many, many phone calls throughout the fall,winter and spring. " Your pony is loose on the lawn!". Yes, we know. He rarely wanders close to the road, but if he does he gets locked up in the barn for a week ( to his annoyance) .

Fred is free to live out his last years in our fields and barn, as are all the older horses we own. We hope he will live for awhile, enjoying the freedom of being old!

That's All!
Cheers - Quinn A.A

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  1. OMGooness, he's so cute! :D
    40 years?!? Whoa.